This is an article that I want to dedicate to my beautiful and lovely partner, soul-mate and lovely wife Wil (also known as Willisha). She is a woman with a strong character and great sense of humour. A true person who energizes the environment with joy and kindness. Her life keywords include spontaneity, helpfulness, open-mindedness, respect, good humour, joy, affection … and more (you get the picture).

Willisha (Wil)

I am fortunate to be honoured in life for experiencing it all daily. When there are ‘low moments’ in life … she offers me, unknowingly, the glow that illuminates the darkness. The glow becomes the candle … and the candle becomes a greater light … and the light becomes my sun.

There are a few things that she is ‘allergic’ to … such as predictability, boredom and dullness. But luckily she is not bothered by that in her immediate environment.

I know Wil as a woman who can never stand still for long. She enjoys life to the fullest and has so much energy in her … that (occasionally) she wants to “invest” to the people around her.

Next to her spontaneity and, at the same time, being carefree, she also has a strong will … plus she is sincere and open-hearted. She has a natural charm that works like a magnet. I know all about it because I’m one of her (lucky) victims.


She will never hurt anyone or ever intend to do it. I myself would not hurt anyone, either … however, if someone treated her badly or hurt her, then this “person” would immediately be my most hated person (forever) in life.

Wil has an incredible intuition … it often seems that it’s connected to my own thoughts. Whenever I have a certain idea or suggestion, it happens that she is thinking the same thing, even before mentioning it. So I keep in mind that she can “read my mind.”

Besides, she has other great features … but I will not reveal them all here. I want to keep them to myself … if you understand what I mean.

Dear Will (Querida Willisha) … I love you! Thank you so much that you have enriched my life with your presence and love.

Oh yes …. also …. Happy Birthday, mi dushi!

November 25, 2018