De geschiedenis Madeira volgens Unyclopedia.

The Portuguese discovered Madeira and colonized it, wiping out the indigenous people by the simple but brutal method of pointing their fingers and laughing at them. (Travel tip: When in Madeira don’t point your finger and laugh at the Madeirans. They know that trick, and will require you to forfeit a pagamento consisting of half your liver.)

Ik heb gezocht op Curaçao, maar ze hebben het nog niet zo ver bijgewerkt hun database (helaas Casa!). Wel heb ik Amsterdam gevonden … zie hier uitleg over de Dam:

On Damsquare, in the middle of town, a giant dildo monument has been erected after WWI. It vibrates every hour. When it does the four lions surrounding it sing “The Smurfensong”. At night the lions sleep. There is talk of making it into a fountain.