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Google Art Project

This is one of Google’s greatest project in my opinion.

Google Art Project lets you explore museums around the world with the same technology used in Google Street View.


The Google Art Project is a collaboration between Google and some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums. Powered by a broad, connected suite of Google technologies, the world’s great works of art and museums are now within reach to an unprecedented global audience.

Happy New Year

A year is not something tangible. A year is not something you’ll come across or you will find it outside. A year is within yourself. A new year is just a new chance in life. A new year is really an excuse that you can enjoy life again. The choice is yours. All those years the choice was always yours. (… now take a few minutes to think about this)

Happy New Year
Don Amaro

XCS, the new digital information sickness?

XCS is a term disambiguated from the word excess. It means:
Consumption of too much information from traditional sources (newspapers, magazines) and digital sources (Internet, phones, television).

The word XCS is a neologism. Or is it a protologism?

Neologisms are words and terms that have recently been coined, generally do not appear in any dictionary, but may be used widely or within certain communities. Protologisms are neologisms that have not yet caught on widely.

Back to the definition of XCS …

XCS is the need for (too much) information. Also known as information overload. This information comes from many sources such as television, telephone, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. Especially this latter source is responsible for the new digital information disease.

The results and effects of XCS? Information junkies! People that are information curious and thanks (?) to the Internet, which is now easy and quick to find all kind of data, they get distracted by various interesting topics and issues during their web surfing. Like real surfing … the waves often offers a surprise and not often you can stay in balance going one direction. Web surfing often results in endless and pointless or aimless surfing.

Each year more people have internet and spend lots of time behind the PC or notebook. Nowadays the non-stop Internet can be provided us with (presumably) unlimited information and many are using this opportunity … just to satisfy their information thirst. Many of the Internet time is spent on applications like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. These social networks have become essential in the daily lives of many people. Especially for those who searches for information and wants to stay up to date with the latest news.

Why is it so important to constantly be stay up dated with the news, and especially news from the social network? Is it because they are afraid to stay behind and missing news, events or opportunities? One of the most used keystrokes when having Facebook and Twitter open, is (mass-)function of the Refresh or the F5 function key … used to check whether new information or news is available. It seems that the fear of missing information, has more to do with wanting to hear and want to be seen, but it can result in the almost obsessive behavior that makes a person to become an information junkie.

From the way people deal with increasingly searching for information, it can also be concluded that the fastest news is considered as the most important news. Also receiving much news is important, so that quantity becomes more important than quality. It is obvious that the overload of information makes the separation between relevant and irrelevant news more difficult for the information junkie. Naturally, this applies especially to those who has almost an insatiable need for information.

With the introduction of smart-phones, XCS could very well take a dramatic flight. From that moment, thanks to the permanent Internet connection, which no longer depends on the notebook at home, the whole day XCS looking for news and information will go on.

Can we prevent and/or cure the XCS disease?

That part I invite you to discuss it here or elsewhere. I believe that the awareness is the first (good) step to the cure. Let me know your opinion, here or on your own website/blog … or elsewhere. In last case let us know where.

XCS – The Definition

XCS is a neologism disambiguated from the word excess.
XCS means: The consumption of too much information from both traditional sources (newspapers, magazines) and digital sources (Internet, phones, television).

Do you agree? or disagree? Click here to comment.

(Neologisms are words and terms that have recently been coined, generally do not appear in any dictionary, but may be used widely or within certain communities)


The birth of a new term … XCS

The definition of XCS:

  • Consumption of too much information from traditional sources (newspapers, magazines) and digital sources (Internet, phones, television).
  • A term disambiguated from the word excess.

I will be discussing about this new term here soon (in English and Dutch).


Nog eentje voor mijn wenslijst …. een kopie van Batman The Movie.

Nee, nee … niet de film Batman Begins (2005) …. ook niet Batman Returns (1992) …. ook niet The Dark Knight (die nog moet komen … 2008). Het is geen van de Batman films uit de jaren 90 en deze eeuw.

Mijn favoriete is de Batman The Movie (1966) …. gebaseerd op de gelijknamig TV serie van de jaren 60, met Adam West en Burt Ward. Een klassieker … collectors item in mijn ogen. Van de TV series zou ik graag de hele serie op DVD willen hebben … die achter elkaar zien … of de bioscoopfilm van 1966 …. en de dag van mijn leven hebben. De dag daaropvolgend zou ik gegarandeerd in bed moeten liggen om bij te komen van een acute buikpijn ….. veroorzaakt door het lachen!

Lachen? Maar een Batman film is toch een serieuze actiefilm?

Hallo, met Batman!

Je moet het eigenlijk zien om te begrijpen wat ik bedoel. Het was vroeger een serieuze actiefilm … het boeide zowel jong en oud …. maar nu als ik het terugzie dan geniet ik van heerlijke lachmomenten. Vooral de dialogen tussen Batman en Robin:

Robin: ‘Holy Toledo, Batman, it is a good thing we have taken a breakfast this morning!’
Batman: ‘Yes, Robin, a good breakfast is a good start of the day.’

En hun kleding (dames, let op Robin´s strakke maillot en vooral op Batman´s gespierde buik). Continue reading Batman

Wat is PageRank?

PageRank (PR) is een numerieke waarde dat Google aan een webpagina toekent en die vertegenwoordigt hoe belangrijk dat pagina op het Web is. Google ‘vindt’ dat wanneer de webpagina een verbinding (link) heeft met een andere pagina, het effectief een stem voor de andere pagina uitbrengt. De meer stemmen dat voor een pagina wordt uit gebracht …. het belangrijker de pagina dan moeten zijn. Ook, bepaalt het belang van de pagina die de stemming uitbrengt hoe belangrijk de stemming zelf is. Google berekent het belang van een pagina door het aantal stemmen die zijn uitgebracht. Hoe belangrijk elke stem eigenlijk is wordt bepaald wanneer de PageRank van een pagina wordt berekend.

Yoda en Pagerank

PageRank is de manier van Google om het belang van een pagina te beslissen. Het PR is van belang omdat het één van de factoren is die gebruikt wordt tijdens het rangschikken in de zoekresultaten van de webpaginas. Het is niet de enige factor dat Google gebruikt om pagina’s te rangschikken, maar het is één van de belangrijkste.